Ground & Sun

Local. Fresh. Committed to Community.

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Our Beverages are designed to pack a punch — higher nutrition, more concentrated flavor and superior quality.

All of our Beverages are raw and unpasteurized, sourcing local organic ingredients, which means you’re drinking 100% unadulterated nutrients.



We’ve taken the thinking out of it for you and provide a variety of our best soup flavors that nourish the body and warm the soul.

Everything, including our broth, is made from scratch by us for you. Vegan-Celiac Friendly options available.

We Grow Together.

Ground & Sun exists to empower the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Our lifelong mission is to bring health and sustainability to humanity and the planet — one meal at a time.

We Love Our Partners.

Ground & Sun partners with farms, distributors, and local businesses to bring you fresh products harvested locally and catered to every season.

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